Wine & Olive Oil

Through the acquisition of MonteRosola Exoro entered into the Wine and Olive oil market.

In 2013, Exoro Capital acquired the award-winning vineyard MonteRosola close to Volterra in Tuscany. MonteRosola produces approximately 10,000 bottles of high premium wines per year and also produces approximately 1000 liters of olive oil. MonteRosola has four full-time employees and various part-time consultants.

Exoro invested in MonteRosola as premium wines is an increasingly growing market due the baby boomer generations increasing interest.

The market for premium wines from Italy and France is also growing rapidly in Asia which is and will be a key driver in terms of prices in the future.

In 2014, MonteRosola started the work to expand its production tenfold from 10,000 bottles of wine per year to 100,000 bottles. The olive grove will also be expanded. In order to produce this amount of wine a new cantina is being commissioned.

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Vision Statement

Exoro Capital will through its opportunistic investment approach deliver the highest returns possible, while adhering to the strictest corporate social responsibilities in the industry 

Exoro Wine Import AB

In 2015, Exoro Wine Import AB was founded in order to be able to import MonteRosola’s own wine into Sweden and to sell through Systembolaget.

In 2015, Exoro started the webpage to promote Italy, Tuscany and especially the area around Volterra. The website also wants to promote wines and olive oil from the Volterra region.

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